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04 March 2017

First Sem in Foundation of Law at UiTM Dengkil

Here I am again, trying to write something in my dusty blog.
So, as you guys already aware that I am currently pursuing my study in Foundation of Law.
Actually, I am now in my second semester but yeah I would like to tell a bit here and there about my first semester there.

As usual, the first day and MDS (Minggu Destini Siswa)
Since I never went to boarding school and never being far apart from my family,
I was quite nervous but excited as well.
After queuing up, I got my key and went up to the room.
Well, the room is nice and quite spacious. Got this positive vibes that I'm going to survive here.
My housemate & roommate is cool and nice too.

The 3-days-orientation aka MDS is such a pain.
I don't get the whole thing. Just one word : LAME
We don't really get to know the syllabus, the place, the rules.
We only get tired and annoyed.
And one more thing, they really need to change the headcount system because we need to wait for hours for the committee to count the student.

I didn't know that class will only start a week after the MDS, hahahahaha.
What else, I ask my mom to pick me up and went home for a week.
On Monday, my first class start at 8am.
I wore baju kurung, my new one.
Damn nervous but I remember that I ask my classmates their names and said hello.
It went well but yeah pretty awkward.

Whatever it is, I remember my first sem as me not being me.
Me wearing baju kurung almost everyday and same black shoes.
Me not having a lot of friends and isolated (I guess so)
But then, my final result came out pretty good where I get to be on the dean's list.

To be honest, my second sem is much better.
More friends and more exposure.
I will tell you guys more on next post.

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