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20 November 2016

Sudden CHANGE ? Medic to Law

Hello everyone ! Hope you guys had a pleasant day today.
This is going to become quite a long post.
After a quite few talking, crying and thinking with myself and my parents, I decided to pursue my study in law. A total change in game. The decision was made a few hours before the UPU (Public Univerity Registration Unit) site is closed.

I really never had the idea in mind to become a lawyer or anything similar. Never once.
My father played a big role here, brainwashed me and what not. I listened but never think about it.
My mom still with her stand for me to become a doctor. I was confused. But then, to pursue medic with my result is hopeless.So, myself  started to think my about my real dream, to talk, to learn other languages and culture and to HELP others. I'm thinking about taking Mass Communication and Languages Faculty.

Image result for confused meme

So then, I was checking what can I got into with my result

Foundation in Science ? NEVER.
Diploma in Science ? MAYBE but I don't want to take the long route..
Diploma in Mass Comm ? YES a perfect match
Foundation in Law ? A MATCH but not my forte at that time.

So, I was like... Okay maybe Law isnt that bad after all.
Took a risk and choose the top 3 choice with Foundation in Law. And choose 4th one with Diploma in Mass Comm. I could not remember the rest.. Since then, I totally remove MEDIC from my mind.
Months waiting for the result, I started to dig through law degree. Well, it wasn't that bad at all !
I started to like it a bit.

While waiting for the offer, I went to school registered as STPM student.
Just in case I didn't get any university offer. My love for STPM started to growth because I got new friends, new beginnings, and a fresh start. I remove all the negativity, even took part in public speaking when I barely know anybody there. Got 1st place :) such a nice experience. I also set up my mind to do the best in STPM and pursuit my degree in Law after.

Few days later, I got a call for Mass Comm interview.. but I became double minded.
If I went and pass the interview, I wont be able to get the chance pursuing my study in Law.
So, again took a big risk. I skip the interview.

The university offer result went out. Nervous but stay calm. A good news !Alhamdulillah
I got Foundation in Law at UiTM Dengkil even though it was my third option. My first option was IIUM Foundation in Law. Syaitan got me again confused and ungrateful.. I was hmmmm
I wanted IIUM, best law school in Malaysia. I also feel very bad to leave my STPM friends, they was very nice and fond of me. All my siblings and parents congratulated me. Told me it was good opportunity.

Of course, it was a such waste to reject the offer.  Halfheartedly  accepted  it and guess what ?!
I learn the hikmah behind all this, I loved it.. law I mean

I planned, we planned but Allah SWT is the best planner.

To be continue.. on how I survived my first semester.

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