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01 April 2016

Im confused and feeling weird

So, here I am after a long time.
Done with my SPM and my result was fine enough. *I guess so
Actually I never wanted to pursue science in my further study but then
while im on break after SPM, Ive been thinking a lot.

I started to think why cant I be a doctor ? You know you can do it
and I can help my society in the future. Its a great career.
I cannot help thinking that Ive been living so easy and free that its now time for me to give back to the society. I always feel helpless when I saw people living hard. 
I wanted to be one of those that help my own community. 

But then, it sucks to know that I cannot pursue my study in medicine because ive a Cs in my chemistry.
Ive regretted a lot on why I didnt try harder back then.
Actually I could but its a long journey.
1st  Take foundation in science for 1 year
2nd Take Bachelor in Biomedical sciences for 3 years
3rd Then I can take my MBBS for 5 years

Im only going to graduated when Im like 27 or 28 years old
Thats too old for me.
Now that I wanted to do it, a lot of hardships come along efore I even started. Huh
There's another shortcut which is to pursuit my MBBS for 6 years in Egypt. But people said its going to be hard after graduation because of this and that.
My dad is against the idea of me becoming a doctor because of the time commitment.

Thats all.
Hopefully Ill  become someone that give back to sociey

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